Troels Flensted’s Poured Collection

I think, if I’m not mistaken, this is the first product design post I make!


Congratulations, party, confetti’s, balloons, done!!

Here we go. I’m posting this because, as a previous dental prosthesis technician, I’ve worked with this kind of material and sometimes I experimented with the same techniques. I was just fascinated by the application of the same technique I used but on a usable object.


This is Troels Flensted Poured Collection project. It is handmade in Copenhagen and created by combining a mineral powder and water-based acrylic polymer. Various coloured pigments are added to the mixture before it is poured into a mould. The marble-like effect is unique to each smooth, polished piece, giving the feel of ceramic, but the quality of a modern material mix.


Available in two sizes, and in eight different colours, each piece is unique in its appearance because the fluid method of production is difficult to predict as the mixture of acrylic polymer with coloured pigments is poured into the mould by hand. Described as a ‘frozen moment’, once set, each dish is sanded, polished, cleaned and sealed with a food-safe sealant to repel water and dirt.


Each simple, minimal form has a flat base and a shallow, curve top that can be used as a functional or decorative piece. As the marble-like pattern is part of the structure and form, it can still be seen on the outside when used to hold items inside.


The only problem with it is that you can’t eat or consume liquids form it. And you can’t dish wash it… but ey you can still apply the same technique to produce other objects such as tables or chairs. As Troels as been experimenting with.

Check her webpage here.


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