Tiny Hand – Donald Trump Handwriting Font

Well…. Everyone knows I really don’t care about politics. I care even less about the USA elections because it seems to me a rigged operation is going on there. Seems to me that, in order to elect a bad politician, they had to get an even worse one so people would be forced to elect the lesser bad one… but that’s none of my business. Again, I couldn’t care less. But the internet has been a funny place since everyone started to campaign against Trump. From memes and videos to more structural campaigns such as the Sagmeister and Walsh one or even the Kissing Trumps that Jessica and Tim did.

I’m ok with it. All of it, because it gives me material. And I appreciate that! Thanks people. You’re awesome and please continue to be so.

Today in my daily commute to work , I was on my phone just browsing some social media apps and I stumble on a post about Trump. Well, might as well open it and laugh a bit. I was not expecting this. First I learned a lot about Trump, not my intention but I’m a good reader! Second as a reward I gained another free font. Ah ah ah.

Sorry. To the point!

BuzzFeed tasked Mark Davis, a graphic designer at BuzzFeed and Font Bureau, to recreate The Donald’s handwriting as a custom font, which it’s calling Tiny Hand.


‘ain’t that lovely?! I’m sorry for my fellow designers but I like it a lot! It’s organic, fun and you can do a LOT with it!

And just for your amusement here is a link so, you too, can have this marvelous font!! Have fun!

Photo: Flickr user Gage Skidmore

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