Customer Feedback by Graphéine

I love when I start a research and I go from link to link to link AND THEN I find something worth wile.

It’s fulfilling and a pleasure to see and bring here my finds! For you people! I want nothing but the best for you. Remember? This is a medicinal place.

So, today I found some humor in my search. This is a project by Graphéine a graphic design agency based in Paris and Lyon. They pursued this idea of a coworker who imagined, what if the most iconic posters received the worst kind of feedback.

Right of the back a good idea to start with! And they brought humor to the experiment! I love not how accurate they are but how accurate they COULD be. Just imagine… The loss we could have in graphic icons…. god….

For more details about every image you can go to their project page here.

Enjoy people!

retour-agence-communication-chat-noir-en retour-agence-communication-dylan-en retour-agence-communication-logo-louvre-en retour-agence-communication-saul-bass-en


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