Carpenters Wharf by Jack Renwick Studio

“Oh what a day…. What a lovely lovely day!!!”

Everything industrial styled is a must for me! I like the style, the crudeness, the manufactured look and the possibilities it gives you to experiment with. And a work based on those principles must be featured here. Of course it should be.

And here it is! Jack Renwick Studio have created a new visual identity for Carpenters Wharf, a new canalside development on Fish Island, Hackney.

For starts just take a minute and go to Jack’s webpage…. Love it! A visual KAPOW and with the essentials you should get to contact or find them!

Then you get to this project. Beginning with the logo, the visual C combined with the “fish” icon is really original but for me the kicker is the wood pattern implemented in all the identity. Just from that aspect you get a SH**T tone of possibilities for advertisement, packaging, business cards, webpages, consumables… Damn!! You name it! And that’s what they did. That’s how you bring a project together. You get to be creative with just a simple guideline!

Feel free to scroll down and enjoy the ride!

unnamed-3 unnamed-1 unnamed-9 unnamed-5 unnamed-12 unnamed-8 unnamed-4 unnamed-11 unnamed-7


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