My Room Project by John Thackwray

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy… This is great idea and you can see how a great idea it was that it escalated to a hole new level. When French filmmaker and photographer John Thackwray began travelling the world in 2010, he launched an ambitious project to document the bedrooms of young men and women who were born in the 1980s and ’90s. Today, the My Room Project features over 1,200 photographs and interviews of millennials from 55 countries, revealing a fascinating insight into youth culture globally. And aren’t they lovely?!

Captured from above, the unique aerial shots allow us to see the subject amongst the room that they sleep, including all their worldly possessions. As you look closely at each person, you’ll notice that those who have very little seem to be the happiest. John said: “I definitely would say that the world is unfair. I would also say that many people confuse poverty and violence, poor communities are not necessarily violent. Many people also confuse comfort and happiness. Actually, I’ve seen more smiles in poor countries, and much more depression in developed nations.”

I saw this project years ago and it aged well! I would never though it would escalate to this. John is even launching a new book at the end of 2016. Called My Room, Portrait of a Generation and you can pre-order a copy at

What has he learned the most from this project? John adds: “I would say that inequalities and ignorance are the main scourges of humanity. And something important in my mind is that we don’t forget that this is the youth who is designing the world of tomorrow.”

Particularly I like the one of the Artist in Paris. But the boy student from Bolivia is a dream. Looks so confy!!

Ryoko, IT engineer in Tokyo, Japan – room #256
Gullé, actress in Istanbul, Turkey – room #205
Sabrina, teacher in Shatila, Lebanon – room #1093
Fha, farmer in Ban Saingam. Thailand – room #313
Andrea, civil engineer in Bucharest, Romania – room #192
Tosha, dancer in Los Angeles, USA – room #243
Asha, housewife in Bamansemilya, India – room #348
Élahé, painter in Téhéran, Iran – room #466
Ezekiel, warrior in Echo Manyata, Kenya – room #867
Maleeq, entertainer in New York City, USA – room #219
Josee, student in Kigali, Rwanda – room #915
Osia, shepherd in Ha Selomo, Lesotho – room #1049
Yuan, seller in Dali, China – room #290
Zhalay, school child in Zhanbyl, Kazakhstan – room #458
Joseph, artist in Paris, France – room #24
Oleg, telecom engineer in Novosibirsk, Russia – room #416
Mohamed, student in Saint Catherine, Egypt – room #807
Claudio, archivist in Rio, Brazil – room #711
Marcello, school child in La Paz, Bolivia – room #665

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