SickKids Vs Undeniable

Oooooohhhhh Lord… I’m so sorry.

This is a medicinal place and you came here to feel better. Today is not that day… once again… sorry!

For starts a big thanks to Creative Review, the webpage where I found this. They posted an article about the AD and I’m following the example. As a person who spent a really large amount of his childhood in a hospital I can relate! Like seriously relate to this. I worked and helped as a volunteer, when I was young, in the hospital I had so many operations on, and everything that this AD states I relate to. So today I’m posting about a good work and ALSO a powerful message.

This is a new AD for Canadian children’s hospital SickKids Foundation directed by Mark Zibert. And it takes a bold approach on hospital AD. Instead of telling stories from the hospital in a sober, emotional tone, it presents the children in a slick style more akin to a Nike spot: showing them as gladiators, knights and superheroes engaged in a fight against illness.


The striking approach was born out of spending time at the hospital. “A sombre, emotional tone is an effective approach to communicating the everyday at SickKids,” he says. “Where you can’t help but feel sorry, and rightfully so, for the children and families who deal with the incomprehensible on a daily basis.


“But spending weeks and months at the hospital sheds a different light altogether,” he continues. “There exist countless stories of unbounded strength and courage in the face of illness and death. It’s hard to describe in words. The film attempts to convey that side of their stories using a combination of metaphor and frenetic pace. Showing their defiance in the face of illness.”



More details about the AD:

Agency: Cossette
CCOs: Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi
Creative directors: Craig McIntosh, Jaimes Zentil
Director: Mark Zibert
Production company: Skin and Bones Film Company


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