Stranger Things Opening Making Of

Everybody knows this TV Show. How could you not! It was the summer HYPE. Stranger Things was a tribute to SO many movies and has so many references that brings nostalgia to a new thing. The first season was a masterpiece and thank god Netflix launches the hole series at once so you could just jump from episode to episode. You devoured that thing. So did I. It was addicting!

And you know what starts a good show? A great opening! It’s mesmerizing. You couldn’t fast forward that thing. It’s pleasing, hypnotic.

As a curious been as I am I searched for a making of. And wouldn’t you know, I found it! Here it is:

Amazing techniques of production. Would never guess!

And just for your amusing and to entertain you a bit more…. If you want to turn your name or anything else in the same font and aspect of the opening…. well you guessed it. Go here and have fun!!

Once again you’re damn welcome people.


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