Google Noto: a typeface “of” the world

Oh come on!! Really?! A type project this complex? Monotype in collaboration with Google?! How can I NOT post this?! Yes, it’s a real project.

In an effort to make typography more accessible for everyone, Monotype have teamed up with Google to create Noto: one of the most expansive typography projects ever undertaken.

Designed over five years with the aim of encompassing all languages with a harmonious look and feel, the Google Noto project saw the creation of a typeface family that promotes global communications across borders, languages, cultures and time periods.

I’m not even talking much about this. Just scroll down and discover my child! Find your world.

The entire Noto family.



mt_noto_languages_tibetan mt_noto_languages_lycian mt_noto_languages_canadianaboriginal malayalam-devanagari georgian-arabic tibetansketch1