Mike Campau’s Generation Gap CGI’s

Remember Kellogg’s Variety Packs? And making mixtapes for your friends? Your first pair of Adidas Stan Smiths, and the Lego Death Star? Did you used Pins to decorate your backpack? Well if not you’re gonna learn something today! I got nostalgia all over this post. If you’re younger I have history for you all over this post!

Mike Campau has collated a selection of his childhood highlights for his retro inspired CGI project, Generation Gap.

“Images of my childhood, when we had to get up to change the channel, collected enough stickers to fill a photo album (oh, and we had photo albums!), video games were for rainy days, used film to capture images, cranked up our boom boxes with homemade mixed tapes, ran around with toy guns that looked like the real thing, and had to “dial” a number.”

With over 15 years of experience in creating powerful imagery for large brands and their high profile agencies, Mike specialises in hybrid imagery, mixing photography with CGI. Discover more on Behance.

“Remeber, remeber the 5th of November.” At least from 1990!

fc821df3f3c73bbb3dcee72facd6ce29db06ed33_860 8958ef6403569772c0d506060f66b932824dc6d0_860 33a76c48ba2253abe1f8ff3b865ce725c88588ef_860 fff1a10b5dadc0352fa9283f973bea14a717de3b_860 d7964ad2d454f7a3249a660acd7b9ca2efc0c799_860 a1d23ef0ae0a2187eecf2561b93b21f0dc66bf6a_860 d1e5184093534f1dfd7318f595cc97e267c6e50c_860 e96e0ce601eb6662b74d3af1dfc53a81ad8edc75_860 df9fc1494ed62ebac8583d0273f92f38f4412205_860 cd177ed88a644d53f600dcf085b84e8eda9275e2_860 9107a49494a2a64281ad5984929e77c8a7e8e448_860 87d96b0e0f7aa639580151a8f3fbb4ab207cd6ca_860 2050a99c0007c96b3f104229576edff32df3c0d6_860 085fbffd985a39e91ca0dd1b2d9e1fe313967587_860 14f4700a2d6d9fb373d10af2921ddc2701bd3c81_860 18ead27a4b4f53c819b189743b805de2758d4e6c_860 1b0df1bb453f9fb6bcb04ba353e0f56faff7e53e_860 f857d8abf9dd7c30b833a85f3bd1a90619bd46a0_860 f1cac31fb650e13da3a157262369b7d7046450f1_860 a455e642528a2916c6f12a16f6b1a9ea319d43ab_860 ce06b8a45db37e6a2179199e8fef0e3b065c6b02_860 5704a0dcfb5ba6d23c470c7ffb2c6c3fc4a4b3e8_860 716aeffbd191247d83f0775ed2797e997f6105d3_860 a965abc593254cb6ce7b9876f5b61614f7fe6439_860

Via Behance | All images courtesy and copyright of Mike Campau


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