Ispira Visual Book by Happycentro for Fedrigoni

Here I am, being poor and all this stuff just keeps on appearing! Man… my wallet doesn’t stand a chance!


Today…. ANOTHER book! I know, lately I’ve been posting a lot of them! Sorry for that, but when a job like this appears I have to talk about it! Look at it! It’s delicious! Don’t you want to just shove you nose in that?! All the senses start tingling like Spiderman! Chills down you spine! A paper lover like me?! This is a drug.

There are a LOT of images about this work! I could just post them all here and probably annoy you but I wont do that! I know! What a cool guy am I!

So. More about this project. It’s like a catalog for Fedrigoni. For those who doesn’t know, Fedrigoni is an Italian paper manufacturing company for about 125 years. Young company, you know….. This book was created by Happycentro to be a visual representation of all the possibilities you have when working with them.

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This book is made with love. You can notice that. Look at this:

— 10 differently sized sextodecimo
— 10 paper colors
— 10 Pantone inks
— 100 patterns
Each sextodecimo contains 4 paper weights.
— Offset printing: 2 Pantone + 2 offset white
— Hot foil: 2 different foils
— Silk screen: 2 UV varnishes
— Embossing
— Die cutting
— Handmade Binding: stapled & glued
And this is just a pinch of the information I have about this book. Luckily Happycentro just placed on Behance all of the materials they made to create this project. Go there and check it out.
In the mean time here’s some more stunnig images and a little video to make you drool for more.
Like allways you’re damn welcome.

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