Designer – Craig Ward

Daaaaaammnnn I’m jealous! I want to be like him. A new idol! A new God! A new inspiration! I love days like this!

Personally I love his personal projects but feel free to go to his webpage and see more work!

03_unmounted_print painted_type_003 pers_goodtypographyisinvisible pers_pagan_02 pers_ybma_01_2000px subvisualsubway_bdfm_print_1500px

Craig Ward is a British born designer and art director currently based in New York. An occasional artist, sometimes an author and a contributor to several industry journals, he is known primarily for his pioneering typographic works. A regular public speaker, his work has also been shown, awarded and documented in countless books, magazines and exhibitions in cities such as London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and more.Here comes a selection of his projects.



Popular Lies About Graphic Design

Popular Lies… is my first self-authored and designed book, published by Actar in January of 2013. Now in its second edition the book has sold over 10,000 copies worldwide and has been translated into Spanish and Chinese. On its release, the book became an immediate best-seller on and and remained in the top 10 for several months.

The book is an attempt to debunk the various myths, mantras and misconceptions that permeate the industry of design. Tackling lighter subjects such as Helvetica’s supposed neutrality and urgent briefs, it also talks about more worthy topics such as the validity of design education, the death of print and pitch planning. In addition, the book features contributions from a variety of design luminaries including Stefan Sagmeister, Milton Glaser, David Carson and Christoph Niemann making it – hopefully – a must for students, recent grads and more seasoned practitioners alike.


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