Gunjan Aylawadi Paper Sculptures

When you think of paper art you think of paper cut-outs or that guy that stacks a lot of paper and then sculpt it and things like that. There are a lot of creative ideas with paper and today we get to see one! You are welcome people!

This is Gunjan Aylawadi. She his an artist and made this beautiful work! I found a text I have to give credits to because I’m going to use it below! Sorry!

I hope you find this creative because I shure do!

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Paper is an extremely versatile material, offering endless creative possibilities to artists and crafters alike. Gunjan Aylawadi is a particular fan, transforming thousands of strips of paper into striking 3D sculptures.

The process begins with the sections of paper being cut and then curled around thin wire to create paper strings. Each string is then glued on top of another to build depth and texture. The colourful results could be mistaken for woven fabrics.

The two designs are inspired by Japanese Zen Gardens, and are entitled Blissful Mountain and Blossom. Discover more on Instagram.

Credits to: Bored Panda


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