Stephen Fowler’s Rubber Stamping

And my list of un-buyed books continues growing! Oh no!

If I find a million euros on the sidewalk I’m going to buy them all but for now… I’m just crying in the corner because the list doesn’t stop! Help me! Maybe a Patreon site would help! Mayyyybbbbbeeee!! Maybe not!

Today… a book about Stamping. More specific a Rubber Stamping! I love this. For protests and “instant” art they’re great!!

Pages from Stephen Fowler’s new book, showing rubber stamping tips and techniques
Jeremy Deller’s rubber stamp from the Venice Biennale 2013
More pages from Rubber Stamping
Stephen Fowler, stamping in his studio

rubberstamping2 rubberstamping3 rubberstamping4 rubberstamping5 rubberstamping8

Writing in the introduction of Rubber Stamping by Stephen Fowler, which is published this week by Laurence King, artist Rob Ryan describes his initial experience of the rubber stamp as being of one of authority: “Our textbooks held the name of the school firmly rubber stamped in navy blue on the inside pages,” he writes. “‘Do not deface or steal’ was the accompanying message. It was the brand of ownership.”

But he goes on to describe how using a rubber stamp as an artist has been an entirely freeing experience. “The self-reliance of rubber stamping is liberating, since you absolutely own the means of production,” he continues. “You don’t have to answer to anyone and are now free to set off with just a few simple stamps on a journey that could take you anywhere. The joy of repetition is now at your fingertips and you can begin to build up bigger and bigger images, stamp by stamp, as a builder can build an entire house from one size of brick.”

For the uninitiated, Fowler’s book is the perfect book to help you begin this journey, if you are so inclined. It contains practical advice on the tools needed, and the various techniques you can achieve, as well as suggesting imaginative uses of the stamping process. Below, we talk to him about what, for him, makes rubber stamping such an enduring art form.


Rubber Stamping by Stephen Fowler is available now from Laurence King Publishers.

Go get one!!


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