Sentralen by Metric Design

Well well well… to give you some context I stumble upon this project wile doing some research for a signage project I’m working on. Little I knew that this project consist on my favorite Themes. Type and branding!

It’s good to see a project coming full circle and this one completed the circle for me. It includes all I love about design and has style in the process. The favorite for me it’s the color theme. It’s easy for me to see this project printed and looking beautiful just for the cool color palette.

The signage is simple and well tough-out. And I bet the client is really happy with the result.

A little more about the studio that made this project and about the project himself bellow.

Thanks and enjoy!

01-sentralen-branding-logo-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 20-sentralen-branding-typography-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 22-sentralen-branding-typography-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo

The former building of Norway’s first savings bank, which began as a social initiative to serve the working class people of Oslo, now houses Sentralen, a mixed-use cultural centre. Sentralen continues in the traditions of the bank, functioning as a hub for innovators concerned with and looking to address present day societal issues.

The centre houses over 350 tenants working in cultural production, while also accommodating business needs through small meeting spaces and venues for conferences. It also intends to bring the neighbourhood to life with activities throughout the week in one of its six performing arts venues, a classic cocktail bar and restaurant with a menu of contemporary Norwegian dishes.

Scandinavian studio Metric Design was responsible for the visual identity design of Sentralen (main entity), Sentralen UNG (youth) and Sentralen Restaurant (plus bar & cafeteria), as was well as way-finding program and website which connects guests with all there is to experience at the centre.

0-sentralen-branding-custom-typography-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 2-sentralen-branding-custom-typography-print-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 3-sentralen-branding-custom-typography-logotype-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 4-sentralen-branding-business-cards-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 26-sentralen-branding-custom-typography-iconography-wayfinding-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 25-sentralen-branding-custom-iconography-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 03-sentralen-branding-signage-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 26-sentralen-branding-signage-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 04-sentralen-branding-signage-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 02-sentralen-branding-signage-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 28-sentralen-branding-signage-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo 27-sentralen-branding-signage-metric-design-oslo-norway-bpo


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