Alphabet Series by Bogdan Dreava

Jesus take the weel!!

Sooooo smooooothhh…. I am now drooling!

Take a closer look at this project. LOOK! Do you feel calm? Relaxed? Serenity?

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We are taking a closer look at the work from Bogdan Dreava and his minimal approach at this take on the Alphabet Series.

Bogdan is mainly a photographer based in Timișoara, Romania. The minimal use of elements and the play with the light and shadow just gets me. It definitely created a tone to the collection and the color palette just enhance well the overall experience. I specially love the grain the pictures have. It gives them a pleasant texture. Pair it with a good song wile seeing this like: This! And baby you’re good to go! Use a wiper to clean your face please!

Hope you will enjoy these!

Follow his work on Behance!

See ya ‘morrow!


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