Anti Trump Merch by Sagmeister & Walsh

I love a good project. I love even more good statements. And one of my inspirations, one legend of graphic design, my idol is Sagmeister. I love his boldness and careless for what everyone thinks of him. When he makes a statement he does it because he can and everyone who doesn’t share his opinion can go bury themselves.

So, for clearing things out I love everything he does. Even we I’m in the “grey zone” of the project I love his statements.

Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about Trump and Hillary and the american elections. A few days the debate between the two was considered ridiculous. I couldn’t care less because, I’m european. I laugh at everything Trumps says and Hillary. Unless it becomes a global or european problem one of them being president, I don’t care for the elections.

And what does Sagmeister have to do with the elections?! The title of this post says it all! Sagmeister doesn’t like Trump. At all. And together, him and Jessica they launched a campaign against him. And its to die for.

Check this out:

4_patch_1024x 7_patch_1024x poster_2_1024x poster_5_1024x shot_28_1024x shot_36_1024x sticker_07_02_1024x


They launched an online store and you have Pins, Tees, Stickers, Posters and Patches to choose from. It’s brilliant. And hilarious. One more thing for me to be happy about. The store it’s called Pins Won’t Save The World. Don’t you wish to collect them all? I sure do just for the fun of it. You can go there to check more variations and buy some for you.

More of their work in here.

Congrats to Sagmeister & Walsh for making me laugh a bit today and making such great work.

See ya ‘morrow!


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