Tag Clouds by Mathieu Tremblin

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Do you ever think “- I don’t know if its ok to mess up someone’s “art”!?”? I saw this project and at first I thought that’s it’s not ok to erase a Tag of someone. In it self a Tag is art. There is style, meaning, background, technique behind a Tag. It’s not only scribbles on a wall. There are books out there that even describe this kind of “art”. But then….. then I read the meaning of this project as Mathieu described it! And it suited me! I liked all the though behind the images.


Here’s a little introdution for you:

Mathieu Tremblin was born in Le Mans in 1980, he and works in Rennes and Arles, France and works in Europe. Well, he literally transforms it. Inspired by anonymous, autonomous and spontaneous practices and expressions in urban spaces, Mathieu Tremblin implements simple and playful actions in order to question the systems of legislation, representation and symbolisation prevalent in everyday city life.

A founding member of the duo les Frères Ripoulain, since 2006, a member of Free Art and Technology Lab (F.A.T.), 2014-2015, a founding member of BIP (Bureau d’investigation photographique) collective Mathieu Tremblin’s work can be found in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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“I consider “Tag Clouds” as a traditional graffiti fresco work. I mean I come from a local graffiti scene, and painting over a wall covered by tags to make something more complex – letters or characters whatever – is what writers do. But what is interesting is the final mural is dealing with writer’s ego – their names – direct communication – being known by anybody is what writers are searching for – but in the same time removing all alterity or identity – handstlyling is the real deal of writing culture – making it properly decorative and appreciable by any passer-by – which is also the purpose of a graffiti fresco, showing technical skills for decoration.

This work sounds like a kind of oxymoron, you could understand it as a way to “make dirty signature proper as institutional visual communication” sterilising wild graffiti writing by removing all traces of alterity and in the same time it’s “giving the opportunity to anybody to be able to read graffiti calligraphy and get in touch with it”. So agreeing with or being against the piece as a writer is a complex thing to decide because I’m half playing with tribute and normalisation of the local graffiti scene. As I just translate writers names at the same scale, they usually continue to play with blanks adding their signature between regular typography I painted with stencil. In fact, the project is giving a focus on some walls writers do not pay attention anymore because they seems to be filled with tags and mostly it generates new graffiti challenge instead of killing the energy behind it”.

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More related to this theme I will post tomorrow or in some day close about tagging! I discovered a lot just searching more for this project and I want to share that with you! It’s a little thing that you never thought of but in that post you will be more aware of the “art” of tagging!

See you soon!

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