Carlsberg Stand Out Campaign

Talk about timing!!! Maaaannnn I’m good with timing at least!

About a post I did a few days ago in which I showed minimalism packaging, today I discovered this gem. Kontrapunkt is a design studio based in Denmark and was approached by Carlsberg to help them out with a new product placement and imagery! ‘Aint that lovely! Kontrapunkt delivered and delivered well. The Scandinavian roots are evident but its the minimalism that POPs out. God that’s a good lookin’ can. I want to go to Germany just so I can hop in a supermarket and buy one of these. Probably ordering it on Amazon would cost less. Probably…

1_carlsberg_premium_case_frontback 2_carlsberg_premium_case_stacked 3_carlsberg_premium_pulltab 4_carlsberg_premium_hero

This is the descritive memoire about the job:

“How Carlsberg Germany Elevated the Product Experience by Emphasising the Hop Leaf

With more and more brands on the shelves and increased competition from new regional breweries, German consumers found it increasingly hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Or, maybe more accurately, the hop from the chaff.

Presented with this challenge, Kontrapunkt and Carlsberg Germany looked to give the can a new refreshed facing by distilling the purity and quality of the product in a minimalistic and refined expression.

The design evolution balanced out the descriptive elements and emphasised the hop leaf as a principal icon in a new temporary design.

The design is a manifestation of the brewery’s ambition to continuously improve the Carlsberg experience. With a custom hop leaf pull tap, matte colours and distinct clean look, the can represents the beer’s uniqueness and communicates the brand’s pioneering craft beer heritage.

Feeling thirsty? The Carlsberg can is already on the shelves in Germany with other markets looking to roll it out as well.”


Damn right I’m thirsty!!


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