“Mensagem de Fernando Pessoa” by Bruno Brites

‘Morning to everyone! ‘Afternoon if you’re late!! The weekend is past and I’m back to search for content for this blog! Searching leads me to strange places sometimes, especially if I take a long time to find good material and then comes the days I find it in minutes. Today was one of those days! Strolling trough facebook and I found this project. I know, I know, I’m posting another portuguese project….. well you don’t like it turn your TV on then. =D

This warms my heart. Bruno Brites started a project to create a book, but not a normal book, a Braile book but enhanced! Enhanced in a way that stimulates the blind readers. The materials used in the covers are completely unusual. Its cork and tile! YES! TILE. Like what you put on walls, floor and WC’s. Crazzyyyy!! But interesting!

More information about this project bellow the images.

Resources and good articles about this theme –» Check it out, check it out, check it out!!

messageinbraille01 11406795_940443652665062_7455513468736234742_n 18012_926414664067961_7604960674341481168_n 10357817_841333642576064_2238409058981541500_n alfabetobraille pessoamessage

This project is a personalized poetry book produced as part of the Master of Design completed at DJCAD – University of Dundee – with the collaboration of ACAPO (Portuguese Association for the Blind and Partially Sighted) to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the book Mensagem (“Message”) by Fernando Pessoa – one of the most significant literary figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest Portuguese poets.

This research was conducted from a graphic design perspective. Through different design methods and materials, it showed a path to explore the aesthetics of Braille book covers, establishing a visual and tactile connection between the book and the reader. Mensagem was published in 1934 with the aim of acting over the minds of the readers. Pessoa dreamed of an idyllic society where ideas, culture and soul were represented, a society rebuilt through poetry and knowledge in its abstract form. Accordingly, by commemorating its anniversary in 2014, this project also highlights the importance of a more inclusive society.

This approach, through a multidisciplinary convergence among ceramics, artistic book restoration and design methods may inspire the world of visual impairment in the same way it may challenge tridimensionality and tactile interaction in graphic design.”

And here we get a little preview of the making of!!


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