Subway Doodles

Well…. do you know that friend that is always with a pad or a sketch book and a pencil?? I know some! And they scribble their ideas and stuff on that. I personally don’t walk around with one (I prefer a small camera) but this guy does. And instead of the traditional sketch book he uses an Ipad….. Normally that’s not surprising but this guy uses a picture it takes with his Ipad and THEN he mix his drawing with the action on the picture. I love the style of the drawing and the originality of the themes. Check this out!!

14212551_1271000546273040_7354756619582444039_n 14199315_1275018262537935_210786022089191272_n 14183811_1277900722249689_955910119817869832_n 12993321_1164096003630162_5492137485460363927_n 13442164_1211790208860741_8027590170210149112_n 13754232_1230775246962237_7618525899226962074_n 14355107_1282621591777602_8255585856592081431_n


If you want to know more or follow this illustrator go here.




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