Herb Lubalin, Typographer

Since I have this blog I have been diggin’ and surfing the web looking for great design works so I can blog them. But every now and then I stumble upon something new. New for me. Maybe new for you too. But by discovering new material I feel kind of ignorant sometimes.

Today is one of those days because, I love type. I work mostly with it and I try to use it in all my works. And today I found a legend I didn’t know. Mister Herb Lubalin was a mistery to me. At first I even mispelled his name. (Sorry mister). And I found an article about him on a blog and I by chance clicked it. By clicking I found an inspiration for my work and everyday I do that it’s a GOOD day. Today was a good day. And you have to bare with my happiness. (Not sorry!)

Unit 25 is a timely publication looking specifically at the typographic output of Herb Lubalin. 25 years after the great designers death his impact is still obvious (and welcome) with many designers claiming him as an influence.

By focussing on the typographic output of Herb Lubalin UE have managed to produce a handy (245mm x 165mm) affordable and flickable publication (208pp) which could act as a great introduction in print to Herbs work, especially if you missed out on the comprehensive Unit 07/14. It comes with new texts, new design, new photography, and lots of previously unpublished material, utilises two paper stocks and features lay flat binding.

img_8289 img_8287 img_8286 img_8285 img_8283 img_8282 img_8295 img_8294 img_8293 img_8292 img_8297 img_8298

On why they wanted to revisit Lubalin when so many other designers of note are not yet covered in print:

Herb Lubalin is, by today’s standards, a typographic master. Everything he did – working in collaboration with some of the giants of lettering and type – had the sparkle of genius. He even had names for what he did: he described it as ‘graphic expressionism’ or ‘conceptual typography’. Using his ability to adapt, merge and create new typographic forms, he was able to enhance and amplify meaning in ways that hadn’t been seen before. Having published two books celebrating the genius of Herb Lubalin as a graphic designer working in many spheres, this new volume concentrates solely on Lubalin’s typography.

Helping out Adrian Shaughnessy, Tony Brook & the Spin design team was consultant editorAlexander Tochilovsky, who many of you will know from his brilliant curation of the Herb Lubalin Study Centre and the equally brilliant ‘Flat File‘ digital publication he edits.

Here is Design Museum’s ‘#FontSunday’ on twitter where Herb was a trend topic for a week.


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