Hoefler & Co.’s Type Tester

Do you want to loose hours of your day and not even know it?

Do you want to spend a morning doing “research”?

Do you want to gain knowledge in combining typography?

Well… this is what I just did. But all for the well fair of this blog. I swear. This is one of my “when in doubt, go to” resources. You probably know it already but I’m placing it here anyway. This is Hoefler & Co. site! You might notice their link is typography.com, well it’s the point. This webpage is all about fonts. You can learn about combining type, you can discover new fonts, and now you can also test them. Here. Doesn’t it look super slick? I mean…. just for the image of this post I spent like 2 hours browsing and trying fonts. Oh baby, if I had a boss he would be mad as hulk with it’s boulders stuck on the toilet lid.

Anyway. Just go to the link, spend some time in there and save in your bookmarks this webpage. It’s a resource very useful. If not now maybe in the future.


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