Genesis by Miguel Sousa

“Holly Molly Guacamolly!” Looooook at that. LOOK at them!

ssssshhhhhhh…….. Scroll down slowly.

Just….. enjoy this moment.

fdfda038004967-575304da5d39a 877d5138004967-575304da5dd58 f1b72638004967-575304da5e585 9d8a3638004967-575304da5eeba 383e0b38004967-575304da5f55e da754b38004967-575304da60008 3c4ee838004967-575304da6065a 31d42638004967-575304da60e26 4f18f938004967-575304da614eb 19c78e38004967-575304da5cc2d 54f40938004967-5754931a4f3ca 82cc6038004967-5754931a4e819 5c60e538004967-5754931a4e254 b2e8cb38004967-5754931a4d990 7c85a538004967-5755c56d400ca 8f89d338004967-5755ccf294999

You just got your daily dose of sweet medicine for your eyes.

You are welcome, my pleasure.

Didn’t you just get an orgasm?! This is my kind of TYPE HYPE.

This orgasm-givin’ numbers were made by Miguel Sousa, a Portuguese designer based in London, at this moment working as an Art Director and Illustrator at Saatchi & Saatchi – London. His portfolio is full of beautiful work. You can spend a day in there just apreciating the little details he creates. A little bit more information about this job posted here:

Miguel Sousa – “It was a long time ago in school that i tried for the first time the 3d world. I always wanted to dig in into 3d and cgi world. 36 days of type was the right oportunity to convince myself to experiment and learn new skills and have fun playing around with simple shapes. So, the aim was to create a full number set with geometric shapes. Minimal and stylish.”

Do you think he accomplished it?

I personally just want them in my desk by my computer side!


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