DR:ME – Cut That Out

In this blog we have space for everything people. This time I’m posting about a book!! A good looking book. I love my prints baby. For me, paper is a drug. So, obviously, books for me are collectibles. Books about design?! NIRVANA ACHIEVED.

Today is Friday, friday, friday, so everybody is thinking about the weekend, so am I and this post was supposed to be short and all but digging, once more, for information I found an interview from one of the authors. “-Hum… interesting”, I though to my self reading trough it. And now here it is. Sorry.

I KNOW! I KNOW! THE WEEKEND!! Well, you can just look at the pictures you know?! Skip the link?!

The interviewers where FormFiftyFive and the book it self focuses on the compositions of 50 leading designers and studios from 15 different countries for whom collage has been the key to creating vibrant, effective work. The book was curated by Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards, who work together under the name of DR.ME and you can buy it here. I’m sure I will someday because this book looks so damn good.

img_1305 img_1306 img_1307 img_1308 img_1309 img_1310 img_1312 img_1314 img_1315 img_1316 img_1317 img_1318 img_1322 img_1323 img_1326 img_1328 img_1329



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