La Iglesia Skate Park

For you looking for design posts, go away. Today I’m posting everything but design works. And this is an old case. An old one I say…. and today I remembered it and the more I dug for information the more I was in love with it. The first time I saw this there where only photos in a Tumblr or a blog feed, no information, props for nobody but today I needed the information to give it to you people. And what I found was beautiful. Not only this project is really cool and beautiful, the story for its creation was lovely.

Kaos Temple is an initiative of artist Okuda San Miguel to transform the so-called “Iglesa Skate” de Llanera (Asturias) in a real temple of art and skate. To do this, he needed money for materials and time. And he though of this funding through crowdfunding platform Verkami, anyone who would like to contribute to the project they could and get a reward in the end as well. Thanks to all the donations, the dream came true and Okuda could perform this colorful transformation in seven days.

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Okuda even made a video of the transformation. Check it out:


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