Ars Thanea Team Portraits

Every now and then you come across a work you just go “DAMN IT!! Why, oh why do you do this to me?! Now I want to try that! But I don’t want to copywright!”. This is one of that. Ars Thanea is a CGI Studio based in NY and Warsaw, Poland and was founded in 2007. They do really good work, like, award winning work but what get my attention was this:

21e35b22083865.5630c592e6ba4 e6e0ce22083865.5630c592ea238 4d4da922083865.5630c59312712 3ede4922083865.5630c592ec187b61c7022083865.5630c5931f8e6 68615922083865.5630c59313f1ef0c58a22083865.5630c59315952 414e8222083865.5630c5930d3ff 57de7a22083865.5630c5932c19139aed722083865.5630c59310c46 b141fa22083865.5630c59337e38 0b93b922083865.5630c59356015 80d31422083865.5630c59327b10 cb62b122083865.5630c59361e48 ee5fb422083865.5630c5932c2b1 5ebef822083865.5630c5935b5ab 69740322083865.5630c593c1d71 5c3d0822083865.5630c593cf978 c0bcb422083865.5630c59366595 da04e922083865.5630c59378ae0 36ed9322083865.5630c593d1bf4


Now tell me that doesn’t look great. And fun too. This is THE team portrait. Now I want to do that just for the mess. Its like a color run but in a photography studio. Props for the creative Peter Jaworowski for pulling this form his head. The perfect ending would be a small video with just colored pouders flying everywhere and hitting the team.

More details about this:

Creative: Peter Jaworowski

Photography: Szymon Swietochowski

Photo Shoot Producer: Bartosz Cerkaski

Postproduction: Piotr Frączkowski

Models: Wojtek Lebski, Peter Jaworowski, Pawel Piotrzkowski, Michal Duszczyk, Marta Piotrzkowska, Aleksandra Watras, Teresa Szabłowska, Dominika Siuda, Marcin Molski

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