Sydney Dogs & Cats Home

You want your dailly dose of cute? You want it? Here it is you damn beautiful people.


SDCH_Best2 SDCH_Best3 SDCH_Best4 SDCH_Best5 SDCH_Best6 SDCH_Best7 SDCH_Best8 SDCH_Best9 SDCH_Best10

This work was designed by For the People agency for Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, a non-profit cat and dog shelter based in Sydney. And if doesn’t it look so damn cute. Reeeeaaaally strong type, combined with a monocrome pallete and the kicker….. you get to “logotyse” your pet. You have millions of possibilities to combine and generate a logo just like your pet. But this work its not about that. Its about sending a message. And For the People ensured that message get trough in the best possible way. Funny, entertaining, simple and a real issue. If you want to support the cause just head to their webpage and donate.

This work was reviewed and submitted to Best Awards NZ and it’s a finallist.

Best of luck guys.


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