Is this really happening?

Be sure it is. We are giving medicine trough the internet, more specifically trough a wordpress blog. Well….. not real medicine or drugs, although a blog giving drugs crossed my mind….. maybe that’s illegal…. To the point. This is a blog I made to fill my spare time and as a designer that started their own company out of the bloom, with no client list and is trying everything to get clients I have my share of spare time.

Don’t be alarmed, this will self-promote my studio as well but this is a blog for GOOD Design for the Brain. Probably the work we do doesn’t fit in here.

So in my spare time I wanted to make a blog and I didn’t know what to make the blog of so….. as I’m a designer and I want to do great design trough out my really long career seemed suitable to make a blog showcasing the best design works that are out there. I will not discriminate. All design counts; from the App to the Poster or Product we will cover it all. If it looks and works great it will be featured here.

I will give my opinion and review about those works and try not to offend anyone. Maybe I will be successful in that maybe not we will see.

The name and looks of this blog means a lot. I called it Good for the Brain because everyday we go out and see so much information and graphic supports that, we get saturated with all this bad designs and products made only to attract your attention and this space is only for those works you see and feel that in some way it connects to you, its speaks and you listen. That’s what I call medicine. It heals a little bit of you inside. And you feel good about it. You go – “DAAAAAMMMM Daniel why didn’t I think of this??” and wish the best to the artist/designer so you can see more work from him.

Anyway I think this is already a long post for starting so I will post another time about me so you can get to know me and what I do a litlle bit more.

Take care and see you later.


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